Sensor Links
Optical Microscopes
Microscopy-UK Search
Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primers
Compatibility of Microscope Components

Objectives and Objective Adapters

Lense Adapters
Making Digital Camera Microscope Adapters, includes specifications on C and T mount threads
Microscopy Optomechanics, ThorLabs

Macro Adapters
LM-Scope Macro Lenses

Digital Cameras
DSLR Cameras for Microscopy Rankings
Microscope Camera Types

Use of the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000
Pro 9000 and Fusion Compared
Microscope Pictures and Videos

100µ ~ 1 µ - 200nm (Abbe Limit)
About microscopes, measurements and meters (and electronics in between), µm resolution for objectives
Adding scales for size comparison
Openstage: A Low-Cost Motorized Microscope Stage with Sub-Micron Positioning Accuracy

Lense Making
The Challenge of Grinding Lenses for Single Lens Microscopes
A Novel Method for Making Miniature Lenses
Measuring the Magnification of Homemade Simple Microscope Lenses, Lenticular Design and Cylinder Engraving
also see:Astro Links: Lense Making

Interoferometry Assemblies
interferometric measurement of surface microstructure

Stanford Light Field Microscope Project

Structured Illumination
Application of Structured Illumination in Nano-Scale Vision
Resolving Power Improvement for Optical Nano-Defect Measurement by using Sub-Pixel Sampling based on Structured Illumination Shift Method
ZEISS Online Campus | Structured Illumination References
Structured Illumination by a Pinhole Array for Holographic Microscopy

Phase Contrast
breaking the diffraction limit of light, part 1
Phase contrast microscopy
Synthetic aperture confocal imaging

Perfect Lense
Negative index metamaterials
Molecular Scale Imaging with a Smooth Superlens
Tiny Spheres Turn Regular Microscopes Into Nanoscopes

Near Field & Evanescent (< λ) - SNOM (Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy)
Olympus Microscopy Resource Center Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy
Near and Far Field
Measuring amplitude and phase in optical fields with sub-wavelength features
Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy (SNOM or NSOM) - Different Methods of Operation
Apertureless Near-Field Optical Microscopy for Fluorescence Imaging

SNOM Probes
Focussed ion beam machined cantilever aperture probes for near-field optical imaging
Wet Oxide Etch
Fiber tip etch

SARFUS Mapping Lite

Digital holography microscopy
Digital Holographic Microscopy
Dual-wavelength digital holographic microscopy with sub-nanometer accuracy
3D Object Detection in Digital Holographic Microscope Images

Microlens Array
Polydimethylsiloxane Microlens Arrays Fabricated Through Liquid-Phase Photopolymerization and Molding, syringe pump, tubing and film
Making a Microlens Array with Micromirrors
Magnetically actuated MEMS microlens scanner for in vivo medical imaging
Digital holographic characterization of liquid micro-lenses array fabricated in electrode-less configuration
Microlens array fabrication via microjet printing technologies
Refractive Microlens Fabrication by Ink-Jet Process
Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals
Preparation of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals, shaped with electrical current
Fixed Focus: Adjustable lenses from liquid droplets
A 3D Multi-Aperture Image Sensor Architecture

IC Sensors
Piclist Cameras
Machine Vision: CCD

CCD + Board
Pyxis camera, includes Gerber files
Elphel 303/313/323/333 cameras.
Elphel camera under the hood: from Verilog to PHP
CCDImager, Atmel32 + TC237B CCD
The Audine Project, Building a CCD Camera, KAF-0400 (Kodak) CCD
The AudiNet Interface, ethernet for Audine

Low Light Level CCDs (LLLCCD) A new idea from Marconi (EEV) to reduce or eliminate CCD read-out noise.
Sony ICX098 Datasheet to reduce or eliminate CCD read-out noise.

CMOS Sensor + Board
SparkFun Light / Imaging
Li-5m03 Camera Board, for TI Camera Oriented Embedded Dev Leopard Board
Open ARM9 SBC, Atmel AT91RM9200 ARM9 + Micron MT9T001 CMOS + Altera Cyclone FPGA
Design and implementation of high-speed digital CMOS camera, MIMV13 CMOS
OV6620 + Atmel AVR ATmega16
Sparkfun forum thread
Leopard Beagleboard
CMOS Digital Camera Controller and Frame Capture Device
CAM3908 Mini Color Camera Head User Manual

Omnivision, OVXXX CMOS
A CMOS Area Image Sensor With Pixel Level A/D Conversion
Nanoimprint Lithography
New Image Sensor Chips for Robotics and Embedded Vision

Active Pixel Sensors (APS)
An Active Pixel Sensor Fabricated Using CCD/CMOS Technology

Sub Pixels
A Sub Pixel Resolution Method
Sub-device interface, V4L2

EM Packet Phase and Structure
Quantum Nanostructures and Nanofabrication Group, Single-Photon Detection
Chandra's SPD .pdfs
Single photons for quantum computation
Computer-based photon-counting lock-in for phase detection at the shot-noise limit
Measuring amplitude and phase in optical fields with sub-wavelength features
Introduction to Phase Contrast Microscopy
Measuring amplitude and phase in optical fields with sub-wavelength features
Orbital angular momentum of photons

Atomic microscope Open Circuits
Links: Experimental Tools for Materials Study at Atomic and Nano Scale
Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM)
SPM Operating Principles
Chemical modification of surfaces

1µ (1000nm) ~ 1pm (.001nm)
PSD: PD & Differential Amplifier
Position sensors

Precise Miniature Robots and Desktop Flexible Production
Piezoelectric motors: big power, small package
Piezoelectric Actuators

Scanning Tunneling Microscope - Do It Yourself
Block Diagram of High-Field Low-Temprature STM
Getting Started on Home Brewing an STM
STM English
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)
The Scanning Tunneling Electron Microscope
Design and Construction of a STM from parts you can find at a hardware store (almost)
Build Your Own Scanning Tunneling Microscope, Slashdot Page
Build Your Own Scanning Tunneling Microscope
STM Mechanics - Homebuilt Scanning Tunneling Microscope, Mechanical Design
Principle of Scanning probe microscopy, piezo tips
STM Gallery, IBM
MIT STM Build Page
The IAP/TU Wien STM Gallery
Dual Tip STM, multiple piezo levels
Charge transport through Nanostructures, double tipped STM
STM Concept
STM Tip Making
STM Tip Construction and Calibration of Evaporation Sources for UHV
Schrodinger's Sharpener, STM tip fabricator
How does THE STM works?
Tungsten Tips
Recipe for STM Tip Electrochemcial Etch of Tungsten Wire in KOH
Electrochemical etching of ultrasharp STM tips
Superconducting Tips
Superconducting STM tips
STM Manipulation
Atom manipulation with the STM: nanostructuring, tip functionalization, and femtochemistry

The Teaching AFM
ME597 Lecture 14: Introduction to dynamic AFM, video
AFM/Optical Microscope Calibration and Alignment Tool, video
AFM Probes for every application
Where to buy: AFM Probes,
BudgetSensors Probes, starting @$200
nanoScience AFM Probes, starting @$250

Particle Beams
Progress on a home-made transmission electron microscope
Chapter 1: The Microscope - Introduction
Structure and function of the electron microscope, video

DIY scanning electron microscope - Overview video
Gripping a silicon a silicon nanowire in the scanning electron microscope

Electron Beam
Electron Optics

Multibeam Electron Source using MEMS Electron Optical Components

Focused ION Beam (FIB) & Sputtering
Laser-assisted micro structure fabrication by using nano-particles
Sputtering Machine for Thin-Film Deposition